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it's 2:00 p.m. on the east coast, 11:00 a.m. on the west. and for those of you just tuning in, we're so glad you could join us here. i'm deborah feyerick. here are the top stories. bye-bye blizzard, the huge blizzard that conquered parts of the northeast is headed out so sea leaving a very white calling card. people across the region are digging out today, but while some are cleaning up, the storm is still causing whiteout conditions on the massachusetts coast. in fact, we'll check in with ali velshi in the middle of all it in a minute. connecticut was hit hardest with some cities getting more than three feet of snow. 650,000 customers across the region lost power. and they're right in the storm zone. that is straight ahead as we go there. first lady michelle obama is back in chicago, not far from
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the obama family home. she's there for the funeral of 15-year-old heidial pendal done the student shot and killed in a chicago park just days after performing at the ez's inauguration. police are offering a $40,000 reward for information. and near houston, texas, police say one person was injured at an explosion this morning at an industrial plant. the facility houses a mix of gases such as nitrogen and hydrogen. it started a fire that filled is the area with heavy smoke. in los angeles is, police are back using helicopters to find the ex-cop they accuse of killing three people already. one of those who was shot dead a police officer. billboards are showing christopher dorner's face. he says he wants revenge on those he believes cost him his job. we'll show you exclusive video of dorner during his days at the police academy. don't expect celebrities to be revealing too much tomorrow
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night. cbs send attendees a what not to wear warning. they want people to tone it down and button it up. the boys club has a six-way ty ndong frank ocean, kanye west, and dan you're backing with six nominations each. that is going to be fun to watch and now back to that snowstorm in the northeast. about two-thirds of the 650,000 customers without power are in massachusetts. ali velshi is in dennis port on cape cod where the wind is -- it is fierce out there, ali. you must be getting from the snow and the mist coming off the ocean there. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, it's just in this last 20 seconds or so settled down. we've got a bit of a lull. it starts to pick up. it picks up every minute or so. we still have up to 25 miles hour sustained winds in parts of cape cod, up 240 miles hour gusting. still under a blizzard warning for one more hour until 3:00
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p.m. eastern time. it was supposed to end at 1:00. as you can see the storm is still about us. this is a rare clear moments that you can see out into the ocean. nom storm surge over here, but we're about halfway across the southern coast of cape cod about 30 miles to my east, you get to chatham, that's the far east and make a left turn and go up the northeast coast of cape cod. this is the part that got storm surge, that got difficulty. they feel had 50 people trapped in a bunch of houses that had to be rescued because waves came crashing in. there's shoreline erosion. let's talk about power. of the 600 plus thousand people without power in the northeast, more than 300,000 in massachusetts, 90% of the customers around the area that i'm in in dennisport, massachusetts are without power, as well. the snow continues to come down. as a result, we are still seeing power lossz. you don't have the utility crews and bucket trucks out here yet because we still have a travel ban and still have the snow and
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heavy wind. they're not putting the bucket trucks up in the wind. the travel ban does expire at 4:00 p.m. eastern time today for all of massachusetts. this is south, deb. so nantucket and martha's vineyard down there. nantucket county has had its travel ban lifted already. people will start driving in massachusetts in the next two hours. please be careful because there are emergency trucks and utility vehicles that need to get around. it's 24 degrees right now. so it is cold. with that windchill, it's substantially colder pop for those people who don't have power, this remains a serious and potentially deadly storm. we got word of another fatality, a young boy in boston was helping his father shovel snow, went to warm up in the car and was overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. this remains a deadly storm, still a blizzard for the next hour in parts of massachusetts. it's not over as much as it looks like it's over in other places and there are even blue skies in some places in the
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northeast, massachusetts continues to get hard. >> that poor family. you look at it, and when the sun comes out and everything seems good, it doesn't seem as threatening. there are those incidents, cars skidding or branches that are falling or the people trying to keep warm. and then that happens. do you see a lot of people out there, ali? >> reporter: no. no. first of all, there are about 250,000 people in the winter on all of cape cod. which is you know, 600,000 or 700,000 in the summer. the folks that winter are hearty new englanders. they understand weather, they're not that interested in walking around. it's not that icicle biting snow it was last night. this was a very soft snow. there's no particular reason. some people are having cabin fever. there are plows out so when the driving ban is lifted, people can move in and out. there's so much snow, it's not easy. the only thing you're going to do is walk around and check out
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what's going on. i haven't seen a human for 12 or 13 hours. >> ali velshi, i'm just curious because we have those images of you standing out in the water during hurricane sandy. which is better? >> reporter: this is less dangerous to cover. there's no question about that. there's no danger other than the actual cold at this point. but it's cold. it's cold, than wind is just biting. >> you are doing yeoman's work out there. thank you so much. try to get warm and try to knock the frost off that microphone. we'll check back with you in a little bit. six states are still under a state of emergency. roads closed, power out to hundreds of thousands. after founding the northeast, where is the storm heading now? let's check in with chad meyers. >> out to nova scotia, to newfoundland and going to be there for a while. we're going to see hal fax picking up equal numbers, 23 inches, scarsdale 22.5, white plains, 14 inches.
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that's westchester county. in milford, there was a line of snow that wouldn't move. it sat there over central connecticut for hours. and i col tell that will new haven was right in the middle of something. 34.3 in new haven. and there's just as much rain or moisture or heaviness in the snow in boston. we've got 24.9, that's the brand-new number for boston. 24.9. but there's at least 36 inches worth of weight there. if you watched at all last night, ali velshi had microdermabrasion going on. but there was sleet pellets flying sideways. and the sleet doesn't pile up as much. still weighs as much as snow, but one inch of sleet is that much. but one inch of snow would have been that much. that's why boston didn't break a record. there goes the storm. it's off into the atlantic canada and the maritimes. it will be a decent day for new york city. the sun's coming out. don't let it fool you. watch the generators, all the
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carbon monoxide. you can't turn your oven on and hope it will warm your house that's putting carbon monoxide in your house. there's natural gas running it but it's very dangerous to try to do that, deb. >> you can understand the people are desperate to kind of keep warm. it's better to err on the side of caution when there's so much unknown. thanks so much. on the west coast, police will use helicopters to try to find an elusive and accused killer. they're going to use infrared to try to spot him as he remains on the run. christopher dorner used to be one of their own. a former los angeles police officer. now, he blames many in law enforcement for losing his job. he is now vowing revenge. dorner is accused of killing three people already. we're live in los angeles. how confident are police, paul, that there's going to be catching someone who's got the kind of training that dorner seems to have?
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>>. >> reporter: well, they say, and they have vowed from the get-go, after the killing of those twos officers and wounding of another, they say he can't hide from everybody. but testing that confidence level, i'm on big bear mountain right now. there's a couple mixed signs here. one, the snow board ski resorts are open. people are coming up here. on the flipside, we just took a little bit of a tour. and we saw armed s.w.a.t. officers and other officers teams of four going door to door, peeking in windows, trying to see if there's any sign of dorner. they also got the helicopters back up in the air and beginning aerial searches you alluded to the weather, the snowstorm that roared through here, hampered those efforts over the past two days. a clue lear also, dorner's mom owned property up here in big bear. perhaps that gives him very, very intimate knowledge of the area. let's hear from the san
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bernardino sheriff's department about that property owned by dorner's mom. >> there is a property owned by dorner's mother. it is about 35 miles from here in arrowbear. it is an undeveloped piece of property. there is no house on it. >> no house. >> it has been checked out. that area has been checked out. >> and so they didn't find any clues or so said the of sheriffs, on that property. so the speculation could be, what if dorner ditched the truck that he burns and maybe stole another car? they say they have no reports whatsoever of stolen vehicles here in the big bear area, debra. >> you know, it's interesting. i spoke to a source yesterday who said there was some indication ta dorner had sort of circled back to head into the village. clearly police right now working under the assumption that he's still in the area. but for all they know, he could easily be back on his way to
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los angeles, noing? >> reporter: absolutely. we pressed the authorities on that notion of him doubling back on his tracks. and they say no way. in fact, the san bernardino sheriff himself, mr. mcmahon had said he thought they lost the trail because they got into icy conditions. it's easier to track in soft or fresh snow. now, as for where he could be, not only could he be in los angeles, given the lead time that he had from when he was last seen in riverside, california, he had a very long time to where he could have easily gone into nevada, he could have tried to make a run for the mexican border. he could have gone north. so it's anybody's guess right now where dorner is. of course, the last real sign they had of him was two days ago here on big bear mountain, debra, when they found that burned out truck. >> paul, it's just so clear that he's said that everybody in the lapd is a potential target. and he's warned them that groupings of police, for
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example, at incident command posts they are what he calls target-rich environments. and he's labeled cops high value targets. so this is main clearly not kidding around. paul vercammen there, thanks so much. we'll check back with you in a short while. and people ran for their lives in southern columbia today when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit. no reports of deaths or injuries. it was felt in the capital of bogota and across much of neighboring ecuador. and wikileaks founder julian assange has waded into the drone debate slamming the u.s. government for saying it has the right to stage drone strikes against u.s. citizens perceived to be "imminent terror threats." and first lady michelle obama is part of a group of washington dignitary who have returned home to chicago to say good-bye to hadiyah pendleton, the 15-year-old band majorette and athlete shot and killed in chicago just days after performing for the obama inauguration. cnn's thooena jones is on the
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south side of check at the funeral. athena, you've had a chance to talk with some family and friends. what are they saying? >> well, you know, we've been viewing the ceremony from our truck out here. we have a live feed in. this has been a very emotional day certainly for hadiyah pendleton's friends and family and particularlial last half hour or so. we've seen more than a dozen young people, many of them young women who described themselves as best friends of hadial pendleton and a few young men talk about what she was like, a common theme is she smiled a lot. that she was a mentor and filled with laughter. let's listen to what one of these young people had to say. >> like the vibrant color purple, she chose spirituality and imagination. hadyia, you're beautiful like diamonds in the sky. and you've already begun to shine. >> and you heard her refer to
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the color purple. that is said to be hadiyah's favorite colors. and as you also heard from that young lady, quite emotional. some people said one young lady said they had planned to go to college together. we know hadiyah wanted to major in either journalism or pharmacology. she was ves very active in school with debate, mentoring, volleyball and her marchette team. they also came and spoke as did her coach, talking about how much they'll miss her. so it's been a celebration of her life but with an understanding that this represents a tragedy that is all too common in cities like chicago and around the country. and president obama sent a handwritten neat is included in the program. a copy is included in the program saying we realize that our words, president obama's words and the first lady's words can't soothe the family's pain but they're going to work as hard as they can to try to end this senseless violence. >> she's become the symbol of the national tragedy. maybe her last days were happy days having performed in that
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inauguration. athena jones, thank you so much. we appreciate it. well, the grammy awards are tomorrow. and this year, men lead the ladies in some of the biggest categories. bruno mars is one of them. he's next in the newsroom. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in
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well, all the a list singers and musicians are in los angeles getting ready for the biggest night in music. the 55th grammy awards this year could be a huge night for the guys dominating some of the biggest categories. ♪ tonight, we are young >> okay. well, you know that band. you can't have missed that particular song, fun fearinging janelle monae. it would no surprise if they won record of the year tomorrow night. frank ocean, taylor swift, kelly clarkson also got a nod in that category. singer and songwriter bruno mars is also nominated for a grammy. pierce morgue sat down with him just before the grammys last
2:19 pm
year and get this, he says he was almost a has been before his career took off. >> the thing i like about your story is it hasn't all just been easy. a lot of entertainers your age, it all goes crazy young and it carries on and then it burns out. in your case, you had this big wake-up call. you were 1 years old. you come to hollywood. motown signs you up, and you thought whoa. >> this is it. >> i have arrived. >> yep. >> i bruno mars am a motown sensation. and then boom. almost as fast as you got it, they dropped you. how did that feel, that time in your life? >> it was it was taking a step back. i used to be able to walk into a room and say i'm bruno mars signed with motown records. and then now i have to say, i got dropped from motown records. you lose leverage. you lose people believing in you because they go, well, why didn't it work. >> how did you get told the news?
2:20 pm
>> it was like this. hey, we don't want you anymore. >> as brutal as that? >> it wasn't as brutal as that. it's not mo two's fault. i was too young. i didn't know what it was like. i knew i could sing. but there's so much more that i had to learn. i didn't come from the recording background. i came from doing live shows and performing with bands and that was my craft. i didn't know what it took to be, you know, to record and be a recording artist. now you've got to the write songs and establish who you are. i don't know if anyone knows who they are at 18 years old. >> did you react well or like most 1-year-olds -- >> i'm going to shed some tears. >> did a part of you believe that maybe you weren't good enough? >> you definitely have those nights where you feel a little insecure. but i didn't want to give up. my goal was i'm not going to go back home. i'm not going to go back to hawaii and face my friends and my family saying, it didn't pan
2:21 pm
out. i got to do something. >> and we have so much more coming up for you. so stay right here. a.j. hammer and his showbiz at the graham auz special is coming up at 2:30 eastern right here on cnn. lots of artists, lots of music. lots of interesting things. an asteroid is hurling towards earth. this one is going to be close. how close? the answer coming up ahead on the other side.
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well, it is half the size of a football field and it is hurtling to earth at 17,000 miles an hour. 17,000 miles an hour. the asteroid is expected to pass inside gps satellites which are orbiting our planet. if that's too close for comfort, you're not alone. tom foreman gives us a look at the close encounter to come. >> in cosmic terps, this is a very close encounter that nasa
2:25 pm
has ever seen for thing this big. reference points here, when we talk about the earth many of us like to think the moon is close to us, but the moon is really not as close as you think. it's almost a quarter million miles away. so what is close in space? satellites. we've been launching these for many decades now. we filled the sky with them. some of them are fairly low. others quite high. the highest once out there are communications and gps satellites about 2,000 miles up in the air. so where is this asteroid going to be? it is going to shoot out of the sky and cut right through the top of the satellite belt at about 17,000 miles. is that dangerous? no, not really. . in part because of the size of this thing. the official name by the way is 2012 da14. it's only about 50 yards long or wide no matter how you want to talk about it, it will be traveling 18,000 miles an hour. if it were to hit earth, it
2:26 pm
would have a huge explosion equal to more than 2 million tons of dynamite. but that wouldn't be enough to harm the earth unless it hit a populated place. yes, it would knock down trees and destroy several hundred miles but that would be all. most importantly, scientist who have been tracking there thing for more than 2 million miles already say it's not going to hit the earth. it is going to miss even though this is a very close call. >> a lot of people blamed beyonce for that embarrassing power outage during the super bowl. it wasn't her fault. we'll tell you why the lights went out. h us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us --
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well, now let's check the stories trending on the internet right now. this one is definitely not for veg tearians. food safety officials in the uk have ordered the testing of all beef products. the move comes after horse meat was discovered in beef lasagna
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sold by the company find us. testg revealed between 60 to 100% horse meat in the samples. and that power outage at the super bowl is being blamed on a newly installed electrical relay device meant to the protect equipment at the superdome. the power company and the device's manufacturer do not agree on whether human error was to blame. i'll be back with ashley ban field at the top of the hour with the stories of the day. right now, it is showbiz at the grammys with a.j. hammer. see you in just a bit. enjoy. right now, showbiz at the grammys. what we can't wait to see. like elton and ed. >> ♪ they say she's in the >> superstar supernominee ed sheeran's revelations to us about his upcoming epic grammys due yet with elton john. will the a team hitmaker steal the show?
2:31 pm
the battle of the giants. adele takes on rihanna, katy perry, kelly clarkson and carly rae jepsen. the female power houses fighting to win best pop solo performance, but who will be the giant winner? ♪ alabama shakes, shakes things up. >> blowing up don't matter. if everybody forgot about us, it don't matter. >> humble and on fire. the best new artist nominees are right here for our headline making showbiz making interview. "showbiz at the grammys" starts right now. >> i'm a.j. hammer. this is showbiz at the grammys. music's biggest stars are revved up and ready for what will surely be an amazing night, the 55th annual graumy wards sunday. we can't wait to see how it all shakes out literally. we are one-on-one with alabama
2:32 pm
shakes nominate nadded for three grammys this year. but first, slow biz tonight has got to prepare you for an all out party. the best in the best in music are getting ready to be honored and to tear up the grammy stage with knockout showdowns we could have only imagined in our wildest music dreams. legendary music icons and, of course, some amazing new talent that be given the grammys a lot to sing about. ♪ we are young >> we are young is more than a grammy nom natted song. it could be the theme of this year's show. >> this year's crop is a rather youthful assortment. rather hipster this year. >> showbiz the tonight can tell you out of all the nominees for album of the year and record of the year, not a single nominated performer is over 40. so we won't see a repeat of recent years when old school rockers like herbie hancock and steely dan walked away with top awards beating more current chart toppers and causing angry
2:33 pm
music critics to question the grammy's relevance. >> the grammys are a little more in touch with what's going on in current music today. ♪ tonight >> speaking of we are young, the group that sinks it is one to watch. >> it's going to be a fun night. >> pun intended. fun is tied for the most nominations with six including nods in all four top categories, album, record and song of the year plus best new artist. one of the few acts in grammy history to ever pull such a nomination sweep. >> whether they even win, they've already achieved a huge grammy milestone. >> looking to spoil fun's fun, 2012 breakout artist frank ocean who like fun has six nominations including album of the year for "channel orange." >> and its single "thinking about you" is up for record of the year. in the album of the year, jack white's blunder bus and mumford
2:34 pm
& sons basketball. >> all of them you could make a strong argument all of them deserve it. >> what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. >> some of the songs you couldn't stop singing over the past year are also up for big grammies. kelly clarkson's "stronger is" is up for both record and song of the year. and because grammy voters probably still can't get it out of their heads either, carly rae jepsen's "call me maybe" is also up for song of the year. the other big race is best new artist. folk rockers the lum nears and rockers alabama shakes. a nomination that surprised some. >> the alabama shakes were in the running, i was so excited. did not see that coming. >> but the best reason to watch the grammy awards is the performances. and there are some big ones in store this year. sbloets ♪ as long as i got my ♪ >> justin timberlake who is looking good with his new song "suit and tie" is returning to the grammy stage for the first
2:35 pm
time in four years to preview his long awaited studio album. all five album of the year nominees are scheduled to perform. >> i'm obviously looking forward to fun and the black keys. they'll bowing be making their grammy debuts. >> nominees rihanna and taylor swift also on the list. plus, look for a big teamup featuring singer songwriter sed sheeran. >> the one i'm is excited about is elton john teaming up with ed sheeran. he's going to have this whole new american audience that will check i'm out. it's nowhere but up from there ♪ so i set the world on fire >> so look for a galaxy full of new music superstars to set the grammy stage on fire. >> wow, i can't even imagine how anxious grammy nominee ed sheeran must be about now. not only performing with elton john but also nominated for song of the year for his massive hit "the a team." i just spoke with ed with getting a phone call from elton john to set the wheels in motion
2:36 pm
for their big due yet. got to watch what he told me. >> it was a very strange phone call to get, you know, you get a phone call from elton just being like i tried to get you on the grammys to perform a solo 1993 called you. >> he called me he said i've tried to get you on the grammies to perform solo but they would like you to perform with me. how would su feel about that. i was like, i'm sure i could fit that into my schedule somewhere. >> was it the first time you had spoken with him. >> no, i speak to him quite a lot on a weekly basis. >> i imagine it's still to be able to perform with him and on the grammy awards has a great importance because i think fib who listens to your music and listens to what you do lyrically has to know that you grew up listening to this guy. >> definitely. i think most people many grew up listening to elton john. the people he's duetted with at the grammys have been em in nem and lady ga. >> pretty good company to be in. ed sheeran, grammy nominee, just
2:37 pm
hearing that, what does that mean to you? >> you know, it's quite nice to be accepted by the american industry in such a cool way. you know, it's not like -- it's not like any other award show, is it? it's the biggest award show on the planet. to be able to be part of that kind of ilk of musician is quite humbling. >> you're just 21 years old. so what point in your life and playing music for a long time, but at what point did you become aware of what a grammy is and hey, that's singh i want to get one day. >> the funniest thing, i first became aware in the simpsons and every episode of the simpsons that the grammys are named in, it's always him going grammy. so yeah, that was the first time. and then seeing michael jackson's thriller, and i think did he win 1 grah2 grammys for album. >> as many as humanly possible. absolutely. >> i remember seeing that and being like whoo.
2:38 pm
>> and now from a first time grammy award nominee to a two-time grammy award winner, ll cool j is back at the helm of the big show hosting now for a second time. and while music fans, of course, love the show itself, they can't seem to get enough of ll. >> i'm ll cool j. i'm the host of the grammys this year. 55th annual grammys and today, we are actually having a tech run through. a technical run through where we check out all the cues, make sure that the speeches that are notice teleprompter for the various presenters aren't either too long or too short. we have stand-ins up on stage helping us run through it. we just want to make sure that everything's running smoothly. i've been talking to ken ehrlich, the executive producer. he's the little guy over there running. he's walking. he has his back to us. and we've been convert say thing about just what we want do this year to make this show more fun
2:39 pm
for you guys, more exciting and more entertaining for you guys. we have some spectacular people coming. we have beyonce, j. lo, franks ocean, miranda lambert, bruno mars, faith hill, just some of the biggest most exciting artists in the world. it's going to be an amazing night. that is our goal to give you grammy moments, to give you amazing performances. and to give you the highest level of excitement we can. because we know that the music fans out there come to the grammys and watch the grammys for that reason. it's a lot of fun. i'm going to do my best to make sure the show is seamless and smooth and that you guys have a great time. so i hope you enjoy it, 55th annual grammies. much love behind the scenes. >> there's still so much more we cannot wait to see at the awards including the battle of the div divas. music's biggest female stars are duking it out to win best pop solo performance. it is an unbelievable fight this
2:40 pm
year between adele, rihanna, katy perry, kelly clarkson and carly rae jepsen. who come out on top after this. >> i love these guys. one-on-one with this year's most talked about grammy newcomers alabama shakes. they feel are truly shaking up the grammys and we're revealing why this band became an overnight sensation. now, showbiz at the grammys, fun performs the title track from their album "some nights" and talks to us what big-time fame feels like. ♪ >> really exciting and it's really new. but our intentions are different than they were when we were 16 and started playing in bands which is to is it play live music and make records that we're proud of. i'm lorenzo.
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eminem. welcome back to showbiz at the grammys. one of the most anticipated showdowns on sunday night is going to be for best new artist. this is a category known for its upsets and stunners over the years. so will this year's pick be another shocker? we are in for a serious nail biter with nominees frank ocean, the lum nears, hunter hayes, fun is nominated. and so is alabama shakes. ♪ got the whole on >> yeah, you know that song. and show biz tonight's going one-on-one with alabama shakes. they're nominated for a total of three grammys. it is so great to have some of the band members with me right now from million. britney howard and steve johnson. right off the top, i got to tell you i am all about your music. i'm so happy you're here with us. >> so good to be here. thank you for having us.
2:45 pm
>> my goodness, congratulations on your three grammy nominations. how incredible. i have to imagine you were just out of your minds when you got the news that you were nominated. what's particularly cool is you guys aren't just showing up at the grammys but britney, you're part of this incredible tribute planned for lee von helm at the show and sharing the stage with the iconic elton john. tell me about the experience of preparing to perform with elton. i mean, come on. >> and well, first off, i'm super honored to be doing this tribute for the late great lee von helm. he was a favorite of all of ours and to be a part of it, sing one of his songs, that makes me feel really great. and just the fact that like someone elton john is going to be there, mavis staples, those are a couple of my favorites. so i'm just going to try not to be too shy or be fancy. i'm just going to try to treat them like normal people. >> anybody, of course, that has
2:46 pm
experienced fame knows it comes with some degree of baggage. i know you guys right now are really enjoying the ride, particularly the fact that you can get your music out there. for you two, what's been the best part of the experience of getting so well-known so quickly? >> oh, man, we've gotten a chance to sees a lot of great musicians this year and meet a lot of new people. been exposed to a lot of new music that i might not have heard otherwise. so that's been the best part for me. along with the traveling and the food. oh, so good. >> i'm excited about the opportunities because now when we write a song, it's going to be like, now we have this chance to put this song out. it's not like, i don't know. it's not like, oh, we wrote this song but nobody will ever hear it which is how it was two years ago. now it's like we write a song, people get to hear it. >> people are paying attention. i wish you nothing but the best of luck at the grammy awards. thank you so much. so when alabama shakes waits to hear if they win for best rock
2:47 pm
performance, they are going to be waiting along with pretty incredible talent up against them this year. mumford & sons, bruce string steen, the black keys, also coldplay is nominated. we can tell you the battle for best rock performance is a showdown we can't wait to see. ♪ ♪ will you for give and i won't forget ♪ >> ♪ come on now, you got to hold on ♪ ♪ well i'm so about you it is plain to see ♪
2:48 pm
♪ but i came to love you in a way ♪ ♪ so you warm my heart and i don't mind leading ♪ ♪ we take care of our own ♪ we take care of our own ♪ so the lights go down at the end of the scene ♪ ♪ so the lights go down standing in front of me ♪ >> and we still can't wait to see the amazing battle of the pop god yeses. listen to this ♪ but i say >> the great adele is taking on kelly clarkson, katy perry, rihanna and carly rae jepsen in the category of best pop solo
2:49 pm
performance. this is a battle of the giants. can anyone beat adele's incredible voice? newcomers the lum nears perform their hit ho-hey and talked to us about their wild year of instant stardom. ♪ >> all right now. hey. ho. >> it's been such a crazy year. we went from sleeping in people he's friends houses and then going to like six people to a hotel room to now like grammy nominations. it's kind of doesn't follow any sort of logic.
2:50 pm
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welcome back to showbiz at the grammys. right now, it's the battle of
2:53 pm
the divas. the race for best pop solo performance pits some of the biggest voices in music today against each other. i'm talking about adele, with kelly clarkson, katy perry and rihanna. it also gives newcomer carl i ray jep sen as a shot at a huge win. but who has the edge? >> at last year's awards we saw an adel sweep with her winning all six of the grammys neefs nominated for. but this year adele's nominated for just one grammy, best pop solo vocal performance for her line of recording of "set fire to the rain." she'll have to get past the four other superstars nomtsed. carl i ray jep sen is nominated for "call me maybe," one of the biggest songs of the year. >> katy perry is nominated for her track "wide awake," despite her multigazillion record sales, she has yet to win the big
2:54 pm
prize. catty's one-time bpf rihanna has won four grammys ♪ where have you been >> and she's nominated for a fifth in this year's best pop so lol vocal category her song "where have you been." >> two-time grammy winner kelly clarkson is the nominee for her smash hit "stronger." or maybe carl i real estate will be the one of these five superstars called to the stage on grammy night. >> there is such stiff competition in this grammy category. but you have to wonder if adele is once again going to set fire to the grammy show. what a classic this has already become. watch ♪ but i say to the rain watched it pour as i touched your face ♪ ♪ burn my pride because
2:55 pm
>> this is a performance category and what a performance. with me in new york, carlos greer, a reporter from "people" magazine and people's latest cover story features grammy nominee kelly clarkson right there on the cover. carlos, obviously, kelly clarkson is amazing vocalist. but she's up against adele, among the other really strong vocal competition in this category. do you think kelly can take it. >> they both are huge vocal powerhouses. but adele is an academy darling. she won every single award in every category she was nominated for last year. but again, kelly had a great year, somewhat of a comeback album last year. it's definitely some stiff competition. >> and she won a golden globe and going to win the oscar for best song. >> that's highly -- >> from "sky fall." it's a different song but it's hers to lose, as well perhaps. but what i love about this category, you have friends competing against each other. rihanna and katy perry going head to head.
2:56 pm
watch this. ♪ ♪ yeah, i'm falling from cloud nine ♪ ♪ when i wake ♪ i've been everywhere man looking for you babe, looking for you babe ♪ ♪ searching for you baby." >> these two ladies are friends. both songs got a lot of play. what are their chances? >> katy can't seem to catch a break when it comes to getting a grammy. this was a huge single for her. rihanna has won before. the academy loves her. this wasn't the song to be nominated. she had a much better sing with "we found love." >> everybody's eager to see what's going to happen with carl i ray jep sen "call me maybe." one of the most played songs on the radio last year. the charm of her story is pop stars played a huge role in her success like bieber and selena
2:57 pm
gomez and ashley tisdale who lip synced their versions and it went viral ♪ where you think you're going baby ♪ ♪ hey i just met you ♪ and this is crazy but here's my number ♪ ♪ so call me maybe >> any chance carl i rae can take it away from adele or the others? >> i think there's a chance. who doesn't know this song, even our president was singing this song. so this was a song that was in everybody's head. all summer long and all year. >> do you think it's hers to lose. >> she could win it. >> thank you so much. be sure to pick up people's latest issue with grammy nominee kelly clarkson right there on the cover. and that is it for showbiz at the grammys. thanks for watching. i'm a.j. hammer. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire.
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welcome back to the "cnn newsroom." i'm deborah feyerick. here's what's happening right now. the blizzard still being felt this hour. six states are sill under a state of emergency. cape cod is getting hammered right now with heavy snow and strong winds as the rest of the northeast starts the difficult task of digging out. back in big bear, california, authorities lunting for a fired cop who has threatened to kill his former comrades and their families. he's got the skill, the strength
3:01 pm
and the savvy to back up his threats. the search is urgent, complicated and extremely dangerous. and in chicago, the first lady joins the mourners maying their respects to a teen nerd victim. hadiya pendleton sank at the president's inauguration. back to the int winter storm that's hammered the northeast. parts of new england are still under a blizzard warning now. in boston, an 11-year-old boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning. he was helping his father shovel when he went into a running car trying to stay warm. the car exhaust was buried in snow causing carbon monoxide to fill the car. five other deaths are blamed on the storm. heavy snow still coming down in eastern massachusetts and about 400,000 customers still without power. ali velshi joins us from dennis port on cape cod. it's still not letting up out there, is it? >> no, it's actually the blizzard warning has officially
3:02 pm
just ended for cape cod. at 3:00 p.m. eastern. i'm not sure mother got the message however. we are at about 22 degrees. winds sustained in the 25 to 30-mile-per-hour range, gusting to 40. i will tell you this. look, here's the change i've observed. it is -- the wind does seem to be a little less. i can stand and face you. a gust coming through right now as you can see, but generally speaking i can stand and look into it and have the snow falling in my face. a few hours i couldn't because it was stinging icy pellets. this is a fluffy almost luscious snow. but it is still continuing to come down. there might be a couple more inches left in this snow. as you said, of the 630,000 customers without power in the northeast, the overwhelming majority of those are in massachusetts, almost 400,000, 500,000 i think the latest count in massachusetts alone. and that is the -- that's the problem. with the snow coming down, we
3:03 pm
are still not getting the utility crews out. we have reports in this area, i'm in dep nis port along the southern coast of cape cod about 30 miles before we get to the eastern end of it, about 90% of the customers around here are reporting power outages. so far it's still a very, very serious situation. it's wiped out a lot of the northeast. but it is still hitting maine right now. portland still has snow coming for the next hour or so and it's moving further east into the maritimes. so this storm remains deadly. not like it's just blown into the ocean. you can see a lot of snow around me right now. visibility still very, very low, less than.2 mile here and in many parts of the cape. while others are digging out of the storm, the travel ban is in place for one more hour in massachusetts. it has been lifted. that is south, that direction. nantucket has had its travel ban lifted. everywhere else it's still a statewide ban for one more hour
3:04 pm
in massachusetts. still serious and we're still worried about the folks who have lost their power. >> have you seen any sort of power trucks out there, or is it likely they'll wait till after the snow has stopped? >> no power trucks out here yet. plows out here so far but nobody else. >> plows are good, too. thank you so much. appreciate it. we'll check back with you in a little while. well, connecticut which got hit especially hard by this blizzard is struggling to dig out. that's where we find our ashleigh banfield. ashley, what do you see going on there? >> still very windy here, deb. it's not snowing and it hasn't been all day. i've been in the lovely sunshine, but the brutal winds kicking up the snow drifting it into massive drifts. i want to show you the gas station where i've been all day. people skidding out, coming in here to get supplies and gas. now look, a good reason for this. it is closed. and there is a reason. there are yellow tags on every single one of these pumps.
3:05 pm
they're closed because a, the guy couldn't come in to relief the worker who was here because he can't get into work. and b, the pumps were all freezing up. so they're getting clogged and not being functional either. but this is a repetitive story throughout the state. list listen, this thing has been a mess. we're not even seeing plows out right now here. we're just seeing clogged up 95, which is a big problem. it's a mess everywhere and not just connecticut. have a look. >> the feared monster nor'easter didn't disappoint. two feet of snow and in some places plenty more. left tens of thousands of new englanders without power on saturday. >> this has been a record-breaking storm with snowfalls reported as great as 38 inches. right now, our main priority is to clear roads. >> the numbers tell the tale. milford, a whopping 38 inches, new haven, 34, bridgeport, 30. >> i got a back hoe working its way up now. >> here in wallingford, connecticut, check out this
3:06 pm
local firefighter. he's 6'3" and still struggles just to march through nearly knee high snow in order to check on locals and make any necessary rescues. in neighboring massachusetts, over two feet of snow fell in the western part of the state. but in boston, the mayor says the situation could have been much worse. >> i'm happy to report the city so far has weathered the storm well. no major power outages. no severe flooding. we still have a little way to go to get to the rest of the storm. >> this is the scene at boston's logan airport today. snow plows, working around the clock. if the snow plows won't or can't come, some residents are taking patters into their own hands, shoveling the snow themselves to find their cars again. >> i hope this is my car. how long have you been at it? >> about an hour. >> about an hour. looks like you've made headway here. how much longer do you think you
3:07 pm
have to go? >> at least two more. >> across the region, driving is treacherous. if you don't have to venture out, officials say please don't. as for the airports, they too are struggling to recover from closures and delays over the past 24 hours. more than 5,000 flights had to be canceled due to this walloping blizzard. so here's the problem. once we get past the emergency, once the plows can get out and the utilities can get back out and get the power restored to people who don't have it, then it's a matter of getting rid of all of this snow. where do you put it? because you know what? you might be able to deal with your snow at your house with this thing, but those plows are going to have hundreds of thousands of pounds of snow that they're going to at least have to find somewhere for until finally mother nature dieds to do with it what she wants to do, which is melt it, deb. >> just looking at the cars behind you, boy, when those plows come by, they're going to
3:08 pm
be buried even more deeply if new york city is any gauge. >> he's got to sell those cars. imagine the work he's got. >> ashleigh banfield, we'll be checking back with you in a little bit. and the other big story that we're watching evolve this hour, snow and rough terrain making a manhunt in southern california even more treacherous. authorities are desrately looking for christopher dorner notice big bear lake area. it's about 100 miles east of los angeles. dorner is the fired l.a. police officer who is accused of murder. he has threatened to kill police and their family ofs. he is highly trained and because of that, he is highly dangerous. he is also highly armed. nick valencia is following the story from los angeles. nick, it's been days. are police concerned that the trail has gone cold? >> yeah, deb, three days and no new leads from the los angeles police department. for that matter any law enforcement agency involved in the manhunt for chris dorner.
3:09 pm
dorner has seemingly varnished just as quickly as he emerged. in the process he's left a trail of blood shed. he promised to do so in his manifesto. in that manifesto, he's made very pointed allegations of abuse, and rampant corruption in the los angeles police department. just a short time ago, i spoke to los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa and i asked him if people should give any credence to what dorner has written. >> this is a very sick individual as we can see by the three people he's already killed. one seriously injured. and the threats that he's made to everybody else. i give no credence whatsoever to anything this man says. >> reporter: and the mayor went on to say that there's absolutely nothing that can rationalize the murder of three innocent people if you remember, dorner is tied to the alleged
3:10 pm
slayings or slayings on sunday in the irvine area of a daughter of a former los angeles police captain as well as her fiance. >> yeah, and it's interesting to hear the mayor there but authorities are definitely not underestimating the skills that this man has. have you seen anything that suggests that police are changing their tactics? because the men they're hunting knows everything in their rule book. >> reporter: well, for the last few days, they've been on a tactical alert. i spoke to los angeles police department media relations and they told me that they've gone under a modified tactical alert which means officers from a handful of divisions are working 10 to 12-hour shifts. there are more than 40 police officers and their family members listed on that manifesto. they are being given detailed protection, but right now, i think there's a lot of singering sentiment of anxiety here throughout southern california. no new leads in three days. as well, there's no media
3:11 pm
briefings or press conferences and no significant developments in the search for chris dorner. >> they've got to change the game because the person they're playing knows the rules all too well. nick, we appreciate it. we'll check back with you a little later on. dugging out from under a mountain of snow. >> i woke up at about 2:00 a.m. and my all my trucks were completely drifted in. five, six-foot snow drifts. all the side streets are impa e impassab impassable. >> we're on the ground after a massive winter storm slams the northeast. and she's the 15-year-old honor student who sang at the inauguration and was gunned down a week later in the president's backyard. now the first lady's back in chicago to console the mourners. the wing and a fractured beak.o surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries?
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3:14 pm
well, we're continuing to follow the winter storm that's blanketed new england. yeah, in white. take a look at these pictures from massachusetts, cape cod, where the storm isn't over by a long shot. folks have been evacuated out of areas along the shoreline where the tide is rising. six states are still in a state of emergency and over 635,000 people there without power. but first, here are your other top stories. remember that horse meat can dal that hit the uk and france? a frozen food producer caught up in the scandal is blaming an unnamed romanian business for
3:15 pm
the contamination and promising to sue the company. so far millions of processed beef products have been pulled from shelves across europe. today a meeting was held in london on the scandal where investigators warned of "more bad news to come." at least 12 people are dead after a bus carrying soccer fans careened off the side of a mountain road in chile. the accident happened in the town of tome. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. first lady michelle obama joined mourners today at the funeral of hadiyah pendleton, the band majorette, honor student and athlete was shot dade in chicago days after she marched in the president's inauguration parade. the first lady joined family and friends to celebrate the young girl's life at a church. >> no matter what the devil tries to do, god is still in control.
3:16 pm
>> words from hadiyah's pastor there and anthenia jones is in chicago. the first lady's being there, it brings the case even more attention because she's become the face of gun violence, this girl. >> reporter: certainly she has. the president has often spoken about gun violence in places like chicago on the street corners in chicago and philadelphia. this is of course, the first lady's hometown and her office said that she was heart broken to learn about the death of hadiyah pendleton and wanted very much to be here to offer condolences and comfort to her friends and family. she met with 30 or so of her classmates before the service began and also met privately with her family. this has been quite a long service so far. more than three hours it's been going on. lots of people have come up to speak, including several of her young classmates and also her mother. let's listen to what her mother had to say. >> you don't know how hard this really is.
3:17 pm
and those of you that do know how hard this is, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. no mother, no father should ever have to experience this. >> reporter: and so that's one of the big messages from this service today. i can tell you that president obama, the funeral program here includes a copy of a handwritten note from president obama to hadiyah pendleton's parents saying we know no words we know can soothe their pain and going on to say we're going to work as hard as we can to end this senseless violence. certainly this is going to be an important symbol in this national gun violence debate. >> listening to the mom, you hear the loss that she's feeling of her daughter and the loss of joy in her life. my goodness. is the community frustrated that they haven't found even a suspect yet? >> reporter: you know, there is a lot of frustration around here. we've been here all day and have
3:18 pm
spoken to some people standing outside hoping to get a glimpse of the first lady. they say something needs to be done about this. this is far too common, not just in chicago but in other cities. one of the young speakers early on said it's sad in chicago you have to watch your front while watching your back. so we know that there have been no arrests in the case. the reward money has gone up to $40,000. still so far, no arrests. so it's still an open case, deb. >> athena jones, thank you so much. our sorrow and grief for the family having to go through this. well, back to our top story. the blizzard. every time we see a storm like this lately, the first question to pop into a lot of people's minds is whether or not global warming is to blame. i'll talk to bill nye, the science guy, about devastating storms and climate change on the other side.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood
3:19 pm
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check today's top stories, a source close to jesse jackson junior says the former congressman has signed a plea deal. federal prosecutors along with the fbi were investigating jackson for possible financial impropriety ties including misusing campaign funds. officially the u.s. attorney's office in washington has no comment. lawyers representing jackson are not returning calls from cnn. jackson resigned from congress last year after taking an extended medical leave. here's a sight millions of people in the northeast won't see this weekend. a mail truck. the postal service says it's
3:22 pm
suspending mail deliveries in seven states because of this weekend's huge blizzard. hmm, what happened to neither snow nor rain? here's a look what folks are digging out in massachusetts after this massive storm. i-reporter mike morris sent this picture of his car sitting under 31 inches of snow in his driveway. this is western massachusetts in the town of amherst. boston got buried under 22 inches of snow. chad meyers joins me, and chad, so what's going on? are we kind of in the clear? is cape cod where ali velshi is getting the last of it? >> cape cod is good. maine and still parts of eastern new hampshire still under blizzard warnings right now. it's still snowing a little bit and it's obviously still windy. we saw the pictures from ali. but this the end of it for the u.s. the mayor times, you're still going to get the snow. it's headed out into the ocean and eventually will get all the way across the atlantic. it's just about done.
3:23 pm
yonkers 423 and white plains 14. this is westchester county just north of new york city and central park got 11.5 inches. milford, connecticut, 38 inches. new haven at 34. there was just as much snow in massachusetts in most of the areas even where ali velshi was, there was just as much moisture that fell out of the sky but it fell as an ice pellet or a snow gropal, not really a flake where the flakes pile up. those snow grains or that sleet doesn't pile up as much. portland maine, new number for you, 31.9. worcester now 2. right there, logan airport, 24.9. over two feet of snow. it's almost done here. one thing i want to show you, this is some good news. there are planes heading into new york city. there are. this is 100 airplanes heading into newark. and the planes into laguardia, as well, not as.many but planes into jfk. so i guess this means, yes, it's almost over when we start to see
3:24 pm
airplanes start flying back into where the big weather really was. they're not flying back into this area here, just into new york city because the city didn't pick up nearly as much as connecticut, massachusetts and rhode island. >> did you call that snow grain a gropal? >> a gropal. it's kind of an underdeveloped snowflake. it could have been a snowflake aloft at 5,000, 10,000 feet but it fell through the sky. at some layer, the ocean's warm, still not 70 but it's 50, and so that melted into a little smaller snowflake and then it refroze on the way down and threw itself at 60 miles hour right at ali velshi. i think the whole side of his face has less skin than it does over here. >> he's standing out there getting groppled. bill nye, talk about something esfalling from the sky. and that is an asteroid. what's coming our way? is this an effect of perhaps global warming or just some meteoric occasion?
3:25 pm
>> except it's all science and it is the word meteorologist and the word meteor come from the same root. he next friday, the 15th of february, an asteroid 2012 da14 which was discovered with a grant provided from the planetary society, my current day job, i'm the ceo of the planetary society, this asteroid is about the same size as the one that is made the crater in media crater in arizona. as the one that created the event in siberia in 190 . if such a meteor were to hit atlanta or new york city or boston, that would be it for those mutual palts. the thing about 2,000 square kilometers, 1200 square miles, destroyed, flattened, ruined. >> that's not going to happen. let's make sure viewers don't get nervous. >> you should get nervous but not about this one. >> get nervous but not about this one. this one will miss us by about
3:26 pm
15 minutes. 15 minutes difference and that's it. there are about 100,000 of these earth-crossing asteroids that we are looking for with the planetary society especially. so it's something that we as humans all over the world ought to get involved in. this asteroid hunting. we're the first generation of people that could do something about it. it's exciting science. but it's also i hope gives everybody a little pause for thought. >> well, it's definitely now that you said that it could wipe out atlanta and new york city, it's definitely giving people pause for thought. >> let alone oklahoma city or paris. >> any city. but do you see this as happening more routine little now because this is -- this isn't an everyday day occurrence, clearly. >> no, but the chances of it happening are pretty high. surprisingly high compared with, say, getting struck by lightning or getting in a car wreck or especially if you consider getting in a car wreck over
3:27 pm
about 100 years. like your entire lifetime. i'll bet many of us have been in fender-benders or wrecks over the course of a life. so this is really serious business. it's coming closer than the satellites that are providing the cnn broadcast around the country and around the world right now. these satellites are at 22,000 miles, 36,000 kilometers and this thing is coming 17,000 miles. closer than the satellites. it is something to think about. >> it is definitely something to think about. yeah, and bill, just very quickly, you said it's 15 minutes away from hitting us. it's still 17,000 miles from planet earth. >> yeah. but when you're going 17,000 miles an hour, you can cover a lot of space. so here's the idea. it's not when we go one day, i hope some of the viewers of this program, let's say young people who become engineers, rocket scientists, will have the
3:28 pm
technology to deflect an asteroid. and deflection means ever so slightly slowing it down or ever so slightly speeding it up so it doesn't cross the earth's orbit when the earth does. so it misses us just as this one will miss us next friday. >> okay. you just heard me breathe. >> this is technology we could -- good. this is technology that we could do. we could develop this. this is rocket science. >> keep it further away. bill nye the science guy. >> ever so slightly change its speed, yeah. >> fascinating. just fascinating. all right, and actually if you google nasa, there's tons of stuff to watch and see. thank you so much. we appreciate your insights as always. >> thank you. now picture this. you are stuck on the highway in a huge snowstorm and end up having to spend the night at a walmart. that was the reality for some folks last night on long island. we'll have the latest as the northeast digs out. enough of jup my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪
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they come here to inspire us to take action in our own lives. >> if join us, we'll be unstoppable. >> cnn heroes is looking for every day people changing the world how do we find these extraordinary people? with your help. you can nominate someone right now at maybe your hero is defending the planet by protecting the environment. >> they have a mission and a purpose again. this is what i was supposed to do. >> or helping people overcome on stackals. >> there will be no man left behind as long as we are this nation. >> or finding a u nook approach to solving a problem. whatever their cause, nominating a c nnn hero is easy. first go to cnn then click nominate. we ask for basic information but and your nominee.
3:33 pm
tell us what makes your hero extraordinaire. >> do you like it. >> all right. >> how are they will changing lives for the better. >> doing a great job. >> it's important to write from your heart because it's your words that will make your hero's story stand out. a couple of tips. please don't nominate yourself. it's against the rules. it's not necessary to nominate someone over and over. we read each and every nominatino nominati nomination. be selectivetive. those honored are truly dedicating their lives to serving others. after you told us about your hero, click submit. it's that simple and worthwhile. nominate someone deserving today. >> thank you so much nor incredible honor. this has been the greatest night of my life. bottom of the hour, and here are the top stories. for some motorists stranded on long island, new york, a walmart provided refuge from the storm. more than two dozen people saw
3:34 pm
the shelter in the store which closed early but ended staying open past midnight. they were stuck after major roadways were shut down. the grammy awards are tomorrow night. don't expect celebrities to be revealing too much during the show. cbs sent attendees a wardrobe warning or a dress code to tone it down and button up. as far as the nomination count goes this year, it's a six-way tie between if you meanford and sons, frank ocean, kanye west, and the black keys, all have six nominations each. in about half an hour, the driving ban in massachusetts will be lifted as that state and the rest of the northeast begin the big task of digging out in a monster storm. more than 600,000 people are without power. check out this ireport from milford, connecticut, which got the most snow in the region, a whopping 3 inches. and in providence and boston, 40-mile-per-hour winds continue
3:35 pm
to swirl making it extra chilly. we go now to fwons where we find jason carroll. jason, the snow tapering off. good news for first responders and other personnel, but for one neighborhood, unfortunately, there is tragedy after an 11-year-old boy dies. what do you know? >> reporter: very sad story, debbie. it really has to do with what's happening throughout the city. what we're seeing on streets like this, people digging out. basically it was early this afternoon. a father had come out like we've seen so many people come out to dig out his car. he brought his son with him. beak, they had been out there, they had cleared one side of the car but the young boy about 11 years old had gotten cold. he got inside the car. he was inside for about 10 or 15 minutes, but unbeknownst to the father, the tail pipe was covered with snow. you can see how easy that could happen with looking at some of these other cars here, how they're all covered with snow. the young boy was overcome by carbon monoxide. they brought him outside of the car. they got paramedics out here.
3:36 pm
neighbors, paramedics tried to revive the boy, but unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so you can understand how terribly tragic this is. i reached out to the mayor's office and the mayor's office just released a statement. they gave it to me, it says "the news of this tragic accident is a sad reminder of the danger that this storm is not over. our hearts go out to that family. and their friends who are learning of this tremendously sad accident." and debbie, as you had mentioned, because that travel ban is about to be lifted in just about a half hour from now, you can imagine a lot of people are anxious to get out there, dig out their cars, clear things out. but a lot of people who are in the situation also have to remember that you know, there's potentially dangerous situations if you don't make sure that all of your car is cleared. including the tail pipe. unfortunately, and very sadly, a family learned that earlier this afternoon. debbie? >> how tragic. it's the unexpected.
3:37 pm
it's the branch falling, the car sort of backing up. all right. .jason carroll, thanks so much. we appreciate that latest reporting from there. any word on whether power outages will finally be restored any point today? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. as you know, some 400,000 people estimated without power in massachusetts. most of those people on coast. you know, all we can tell you is that officials are working around the clock to get that will power restored. no estimate at this point when that will happen. but we can tell you that city officials tell us that they are working to try to get those who don't have power to get it back on. >> all right, jason carroll for us up there in boston. thanks so much. well, 15 years in prison for cutting off amish men's beards. the latest on a bizarre hate crime in ohio.
3:38 pm
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the monster storm that has brought life to a standstill in so many parts of new england. and we're seeing live pictures out of cape cod as snow and wind continue to pound the coast. it's at 24 degrees there. the wind gusting to 54 miles an hour. in case you want to know what that feels like, about 7 degree degrees. a special posthumous honor for the steemps and staff members who died in the newtown shooting massacre. friday, president obama will honor the six staff members with the second highest civilian honor, citizens medal an awarded to americans who have performed exemplary service for their country or fellow citizens. it will take place at the white house. an amish man behind a string of beard cutting attacks has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars. samuel mullet was convicted of
3:42 pm
religiously motivated hate crimes. to the amish a beard signifies faith and manhood. several followers who participated in the attacks received shorter sentences. former lapd officer christopher dorner remains a fugitive, taunting police he is off the grid which means they will not be able to track him by normal means. kyung lah obtained exclusive video taken at a shooting range during his time as a cadet and shows he is skilled in handling weapons. >> reporter: christopher dorner, lapd cadet in 2005. what do you think watching this considering what's happened? >> well, he's an expert with weapons, definitely. he's definitely dangerous. >> reporter: this man spent months with donner at the training kaepd. we are altering his voice and not soing his face because he fears dorner will go after his friends.
3:43 pm
but he wants the public to see this. so people understand what the lapd is facing. >> if you look at chris, you can see he's a little bit of an expert. the shoot, almost no movement when he shoots a gun and then pop, nothing. >> so he stood out. >> yeah, he today stood out. the lapd is going to be going after one of their own former and he knows, like i said, he knows what he's doing. he knows how to use everything. >> being a cop, do you think that -- could you tell that it was important to him? >> yeah, i think it was very important to him. yeah. >> you could see it. >> yeah. >> even during the training. >> yeah, i think it's a 300 pound dummy and he does that easily. >> this is 300 pounds. >> i believe that's 300 pounds. >> so this is a very strong man. >> right. >> but not everything was easy for dorner. the aspiring police officer. this man says he witnessed drill inevacuaters picking on him for his weight and slow running.
3:44 pm
>> when i hear about how angry he is about the lapd, i think that fits to my experience with him. you know that, matches up when he says things about lapd, matches up to the way i think he had his experience through the lapd. >> this man never spoke to dorner but he never forgot the cadet. >> your thought was this man represents power and strength. >> yeah, exactly. i wanted to show when i was going to use it, i wanted to show and put music and show that the lapd is powerful and look at this powerful manhandling this gun. >> is it frightening to think the lapd is now facing this man? >> yeah, yeah. this guy is no joke. >> and one police are taking very seriously. kung la, los angeles. >> well, he's about to receive the medal of honor but he won't be there to accept. the story of the soldier that walked into certain death to save his fellow soldiers in afghanistan.
3:45 pm
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well, we are still following that winter storm that slammed into the northeast with full force. we're seeing live pictures out of cape cod as the snow and wind continue to hammer the area. hundreds of thousands are still without power in the northeast. though it does look a little bit like it's beginning to calm down. good news for our team out there on the beach.
3:48 pm
well, more on the storm in a minute. but first, it is the nation's highest honor for courage. and on monday, former staff sergeant clint romesha will receive the award. jack tapper spoke 20 him about the day the taliban overran his outpost. >> let's go. >> there is movement everywhere. it was muzzle flashes everywhere. just couldn't pick them out fast enough. >> october, 2009. up to 400 taliban fighters unleash a torrent of withering fire upon a remote u.s. outpost in eastern afghanistan. the attack so fierce in the end more than half of the 53 u.s. troops at the outpost were killed or wounded. but as buildings burned and the enemy ran freely through the out post, soldiers became heros. one in particular. >> i know that there are so many
3:49 pm
great soldiers out there that would have stepped in to my shoes and done the same thing. >> former staff sergeant clint roam na sh romesha led troops in repelling the onslaught of taliban fighters. during a grueling day-long battle. next week, romesha will receive the medal of honor, the highest award for combat bravery becoming just the fourth living recipient among those who have bed in afghanistan and iraq. chris jones was a young private when the taliban struck. >> he is my opinion, the only reason we came back that day. >> you led them right into places where your fellow soldiers had already been killed. that's why you're getting this medal. others had died in a place that you ran into.
3:50 pm
you weren't worried? >> there wasn't time to sit there and worry about suf out of our control. we had the tools. we had the training. we had the spirit. you know, and we other. and it was the time. >> by the end of the day, eight soldiers were dead. and 23 wounded. clint romesha now has a place in history. one that he shares with his comrades. >> it's a greater honor to -- for me to know i couldn't have done what i did without those guys, that team. it was everybody that day. that's what's, you know -- excites me about this. it's those guys. >> jake tapper, cnn, in minot, north dakota. >> the humility of a hero. well, tomorrow night, cnn's jay tapper shares a remarkable story of valor and courage during one of the deadliest fights of the afghan war. an american hero, uncommon valor
3:51 pm
of clint romesha, sunday at 8:00 eastern, only here on cnn. from identity theft. to protect you from being a victim in the first place, we have specialists for that, too. ♪ [ alarm blaring ] ♪ [ lasers zapping ] ♪ yep. we make a pretty good team. [ male announcer ] call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? that's just my speed. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair.
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3:54 pm
on the eve of music's biggest night, we're bringing you a half hour special on one of the world's hottest stars. she has earned 16 grammys and set a record for the most wins in a single year. here is a preview of michelle turner's special report, "beyonce: finding her destiny". ♪ >> reporter: before she was the diva, before she was the queen bee -- ♪ -- she was just beyonce giselle, knowles, a little girl in suburban houston. >> beyonce was really a quiet kid. kind of to herself. >> reporter: hoping to get beyonce to come out of hershel,
3:55 pm
matthew and teeno knowles sent their daughter to dance studio. ♪ >> reporter: when you first saw her and she first came in, did you even notice her? >> what i did notice about her, she was very shy. you would ask her, what's your name? >> beyonce knowles. you could barely hear her speak. can you say your name again, sweetheart? is beyonce knowles. >> reporter: but on the dance floor -- >> beyonce would dance so hard, she would lose her costume pieces. sometimes her hat would come off. because she was fierce. >> reporter: it was here that beyonce created her now-famous alter ego. >> now, that's sasha fierce. that's who that is. >> when she got on the stage, she became a different person. >> reporter: but no one knew beyonce had a secret. >> i would hum the song and she finished it. and it blew me away. and i would stop. and i told her, "sing it again." and she wouldn't sing it again,
3:56 pm
because once again, she was very quiet, very shy. and i promised her $1. and she sung it again. and i was just -- i was floored. and when her parents came to pick her up, i told them, she can sing! she can really sing! >> beyonce, finding her destiny airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on cnn. there's lots more on the storm. it is blowing out to sea. we'll have the latest. and, of course, the grammy awards are tomorrow night. don't expect celebrities to be too revealing too much during the show. cbs sent attendees a wardrobe warning, to tone it down, to put ton up. as far as the nomination count goes this year, it's a six-way tie between mumford and suns, frank ocean, jay-z. well, you would think that someone heading to antarctica might wear something more than a skimpy bikini. good thing 20-year-old model kate upton also thought to bring along a winter coat.
3:57 pm
okay. but then i suppose if upton buttoned up, she wouldn't be on the cover of the new "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition for the second year in a row. the magazine hits newsstands tuesday. and, of course, we'll have lots more on that storm that's coming up. just ahead, it's blowing out to sea, but lots left to do. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®,
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm deborah ferric here in atlanta. and we've got the hour's top stories for you. right now in massachusetts, a driving travel ban is being lifted. an order officials put in place yesterday to keep people off the roads as a massive blizzard hit. the worst snow may be over as blizzard and coastal flood warnings have been lifted. >> this storm surge is quite high. we've been seeing waves out here that are 20 feet, easy. i mean, 15 feet regularly coming in. and as we pan along the bay here, you can see just how high it's getting. >> on long island, stranded motorists had to be dug out of their cars. long island was one of the
4:01 pm
hardest-hit areas of new york. a man in new hampshire also got pummeleded and three counties in maine are still under a blizzard warning. searchers bring out the big hardware in big bear. they're using helicopters, sn snowcats, armored vehicles with snow chance to track down an accused killer threatening more violence. the question now, has the trail go cold in the snow? the first lady joins mourners of a chicago teen. hadiya pendelton was shot and killed days after she performed at the presidential inauguration. her mother says no parent should ever go through what she is going through now. more fewury today over the hacking of bush e-mails. they include messages from both bush presidents and family communications sent during the elder bush's recent hospital stay. today a spokesman for former florida governor jeb bush called it a, quote, outrageous breach
4:02 pm
of privacy, end quote. in long island, an estimated 175,000 people are reportedly out of power. joining me by phone is rhode island governor lincoln chafy. tell us about the conditions in your state, governor. >> we had a bad storm here with heavy, heavy snow starting with wet snow early, which stuck to the trees, which brought them down on the power lines. and then the temperatures dropping. and then high, high winds all combining to a lot of power outages. we have our challenges getting people's power back on, as we see temperatures dropping. >> you're also giving credit to officials who you say have done a good job warning residents to get out of the storm's path early. so what does that suggest? >> well, the storm track absolutely on forecast. spot-on to the forecast. so we had lots of warning as to what would occur. and just anticipation of power outages. so people losing their heat, this is something that we did
4:03 pm
anticipate. we have the shelters up and running. most people are going to their neighbor's house, family's houses, shelters around the state are not seeing a high volume, despite the high number that you said, 175,000 people without power right now. so far, they're not aavailing themselves of shelters, which i assume their friends and neighbors are helping them out. but those that do have power. >> is there any suggestion as to when trucks may be able to get to some of those downed power lines to get the power back on? >> well, the big main transmission lines they tell me are close to being fixed and then the feeder lines come after that. so i'm optimistic we're going to have a large number back on shortly. >> okay. and one of the pictures -- one of the images we're seeing is that of an ambulance making its way through the snow. did hospitals report probably a lower volume, but did they have to go out?
4:04 pm
were there any calls in terms of getting people into the hospital on an emergency basis? >> we've had our full hands full on many counts. some of the hospital generators were having some issues, some nursing home generators were having some issues. but so far we've come through it without any major life incidents or life loss or any major injuries. we've had various fires around the state, but so far from what i hear, no major injuries or life loss. >> we're looking at some of the images during the storm. but we did also see some images post storm. it looks quite pretty out there. are you still warning residents to at a indoors as much as they can? >> oh, absolutely. the roads are -- getting many roads plowed away from snow. the national grid, trying to get the utility wires back, get the power back. so everybody -- using their common sense. and at the same time, they want to get out and shovel out, and,
4:05 pm
of course, you always have to urge caution there with the heavy snow, deep, deep heavy snow if any kind of heart issues or anything along those lines, just be careful. so most people are really using their common sense. but this is a bad storm. >> and finally, you know, in many respects, it was a good thing this hit on a weekend, when people were able to stay in. do you expect providence and the rest of rhode island to be back up and running first thing monday morning? >> yes. as you said, we count our blessings, even with a bad storm such as this. as you said, coming when it did, with the weekend here, we can really tackle the clean-up, is going to help. and yes, i do anticipate monday being back, with the clean-up all day tomorrow, getting more of those power outages solved. let's hope we're up and running monday. >> pretty remarkable. all right. governor lincoln chafe, thank you very much. we appreciate your bringing us up to date on the very latest going on there in rhode island.
4:06 pm
thank you. >> you're welcome. coastal flooding has been a major problem with this storm. in new hampshire, multiple seawalls have slapscollapsed af the blizzard collided with the highest tide of the month. >> anything that wasn't anchored down was washed ashore. there's rocks everywhere, some wood. anchors that were -- buoys, rather, were all washed ashore. >> now coastal flood warning remains in effect along the region and state officials have warned residents to stay away from the coastline. they say clean-up costs could top $2 million. and the sea is also a problem in salisbury, massachusetts, where some 50 people had to be rescued after waves crashed into several homes. bob cook is the emergency management director for salisbury and joins me by phone. sir, some of these houses were knocked off their foundations. what is the first step you take in this situation? >> the first step we took was to
4:07 pm
obviously get people out of their homes and get them into a safe shelter, which this kind of took us by surprise. [ no audio ] we were able to get everybody out safe. >> was this an area, sir, and we're having a little bit of difficulty hearing you. but was this an area where people had been told that they should evacuate? >> we had recommended -- we had not had a mandatory evacuation. we had recommended people go stay with family. we also opened up a shelter last evening to accommodate any people that didn't have anywhere to go. obviously, once it started happening this morning, we ordered the mandatory evacuat n
4:08 pm
evacuation. >> okay. sir, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. we know you've got your hands full there, so we'll let you go. and just to recap, he said that they were able to get people out of their homes. there wasn't a mandatory evacuation. and they did also open a shelter in order to help some of these folks. those homes knocked off their foundations. well, back to the major winter storm that has hammered the northeast. for parts of new england, the storm has tuned deadly. at least six people have died, most in tragic accidents. heavy snow is still coming down in eastern massachusetts. about 400,000 customers are still without power. ali velshi joins us from dennis port on cape cod. ali, the travel ban has been lifted in the state. i'm taking a look at you right now, and it seems like possibly it is easing up out there. anyone venturing out? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: it's a storm. in fact, i've seen a few people walking around now. people have had this cabin fever for the last 24 hours. they're getting out.
4:09 pm
some people walking around. this feels like a winter storm. there's still snow coming down, as you can see. the winds have dropped. we're still in the 20-mile-an-hour range, 20 to 25-mile-an-hour range. it's still about 22 degrees fahrenheit right now. so there's still stuff going on. but we're at the back of the storm. in fact, the storm has mostly passed over. it's not over, though. there are still parts of maine getting hit quite badly. the northeastern parts of maine. and this is going into nova scotia and the canadian maritime. the storm continues to be dangerous and deadly. massachusetts does seem to be getting past the worst of it now, just a little bit left here in massachusetts. still some more snow coming down. this is normal snow. it's light. it's pretty snow. but it's still accumulating. so there could be those tree branches that got some snow, got some ice on them. and the next half inch, which may be all that's left here, could be the thing that makes them snap, so people have to be very careful, number one, they're not wandering around in places that could be dangerous. number two, you know, we saw -- you said there have only been a
4:10 pm
few losses of life. but one of them was an 11-year-old boy in boston who was warming up after helping his father shovel the snow in the car. the car exhaust was back up and he got carbon monoxide into him. and that's something that's very dangerous. keep in mind, people are getting out. we see a lot of people cleaning their cars now. be careful of this. there are still dangers in this storm. but it is not over. there are parts of the northeast, the sun is setting, starting to set. but where it's been -- it's been sunny, and windy, here in massachusetts, particularly on cape cod, it is still cold, it is still windy, and there is still substantial snow coming down. also, you mentioned the coastal flooding. there are parts of the state that have been overrun where the lake -- the ocean did come ashore, causing a great deal of damage. but it does seem to be north of these parts, and in cape cod on the northeast coast of cape cod. this part, the south part of cape cod, seems to have avoided most of the damage. the problem here is of the power outages, of the 630,000 plus
4:11 pm
power outages in the northeast, the overwhelming majority of them are in massachusetts. it is cold. it is nightfall. and as lincoln chafe just told you, you know, we're not in position in many places for bucket trucks to be getting out and fixing utility lines. the main feeder trunks are under repair and remedying themselves. but if you've got downed lines in your community, as you can see, this weather still isn't good enough for those to be repaired. deb? >> absolutely. i think people are probably starting to breathe a little bit of a sigh of relief as the storm starts heading out to sea. that, in fact, the worst is over. so now they know exactly what they're dealing with and how they're going to deal with it. all right, ali velshi for us there in cape cod, thanks so much. we appreciate your work today. well, still ahead, two years ago, the lead singer of alabama shakes was working at the postal service. now she's at the grammys. great, everybody made it.
4:12 pm
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4:15 pm
blanketed new england in white. take a look at these pictures from massachusetts, cape cod, where the storm isn't over. at least not yet. though it does seem to be winding down. folks have been vacated out of areas along the shoreline, where the tide is rising. six states are still in a state of emergency, and over 635,000 people are still without power. but first, here are your other top stories. before we do that, though, what we want to do is get back to bob cook, emergency management director for salisbury. and we had been speaking with you earlier on a bad phone connection. i'm so delighted you called back. we understand some 50 people had to be rescued after waves crashed into several houses. what can you tell us? >> i'm sorry? >> what can you tell us about the waves that were crashing into those homes? it sounds so much like hurricane sandy. >> yeah, a lot like hurricane sandy, in that it happened early on, well before high tide, and with no wanting whatsoever. all of a sudden, the storm surge
4:16 pm
got a drive in the waves into buildings on the ocean front at salisbury beach. necessitating us to evacuate several people upwards of 50 people. and we had several buildings that received structural damage that are in the process of being checked right now to evaluate them, whether they're habitable or not. >> now, what's interesting, the national guard, you called the national guard, they came in. essentially they were dealing with not only the blizzard, but also the water and the wave conditions at the same time. it's almost like a double whammy. >> yeah, it was like a double whammy, because we had flooding in the streets, as well as flooding coming from the oceanfront over the sand dunes into the properties that we were trying to vac ate the people from. in one case we had to use a bucket from a backhoe to get the people out because of the water flow that was coming in at the same time. >> now, did everybody get out safely? were there any injuries, even minor injuries, or was everyone
4:17 pm
okay? >> there was one person in a building on north end boulevard that was in the process of moving some furniture when a wave came along and broke out his picture window. it knocked him over, and caused a minor laceration on his hand. but fortunately for him, that was the only injury that we saw from the storm. >> now, were you expecting the waves surge, had you warned people to evacuate their homes? >> we had issued information from the previous day to advise people they should seek other arrangements prior to the storm arriving friday evening. and once this issue started to raise on saturday morning, we immediately issued a code red announcement, issuing a mandatory evacuation for the beachfront. >> okay. all right. well, robert cook, thank you so much. we appreciate your calling back, emergency management director for salisbury.
4:18 pm
and thankfully, those 50 people are in fact okay now. we appreciate it. we want to go now to boston where the blizzard has claimed a young life. a 12-year-old boy died inside his father's car. jason carol is in boston now. jason, so, so tragic. what are you learning? [ no audio ] okay. we're going to re-establish outside yes in just a minute. obviously, this is a storm that some people have been injured and there have been a few fatalities, clearly when you go out in weather like this, you never know what is going to happen. and unfortunately sometimes it is the thing you're least expecting. that happens. we are going to re-establish a connection with jason carol. other top stories we're following this morning. from alabama, the first video of that little boy rescued from captivity. this is ethan days after he was freed from a kidnapper who held him in a bunker. look at him, he's all smiles.
4:19 pm
and well, at least -- apparently not outside wartly showing signs of trauma. ethan's church hosted a big 6th birthday party for him this week and many neighbors and friends joined the celebration with cards, gifts and lots of good wishes that he is safe and back with his family. an amish man behind a string of beard-cutting attacks has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars. samuel musclic was convicted. to the amish, a beard signifies faith and manhood. several followers who participated in the attacks received shorter sentences. an urgent story on the opposite side of the country. searchers back in the snowy, rugged mountains of los angeles. they are trying to pick up the trail of an alleged cop killer. christopher dorner is the fired l.a. police officer now a fugitive, now accused of murder. he has threatened to kill police and their families. his skills and his training give him advantages that many
4:20 pm
fugitives don't have. and they make him even more dangerous. police say he is armed and he is considered very dangerous. cnn's casey wian following this story from l.a. where do things stand? >> reporter: this search conditions from the u.s./mexico border south of san diego to las vegas where christopher dorner had a residence. while that active search is continuing, investigators are poring over lots of evidence in the trail that he has left behind since the first murders happened on sunday in the town of irvine, california. now, cnn has obtained some exclusive surveillance video that shows christopher dorner allegedly dropping some material into a dumpster outside of an auto accessories store in national city, which is near san diego or south of los angeles. this video -- surveillance video
4:21 pm
obtained from that auto accessories store on monday. that was 12 hours after keith lawrence and his fiancee, monica quan, the daughter of a retired los angeles police department official, they were gunned down sunday night in irvine, california. the store owner's employee found these items in the dumpster, behind the store monday amomorn. let's listen to what that owner had to say about how it all happened. >> monday morning, when i came in, opened the shop, and business as usual, one of the employees went to throw the trash. after he came back, he came back with a clip, like a magazine, full of bullets. a belt, a military belt, and a helmet. and he brought it to me. and said, where did you find it. i found it in the back of the
4:22 pm
dumpster when i went to throw the trash. so i right away took possession of it and notified mark. >> reporter: now, that material has been turned over to -- that video has been turned over to the irvine police department, which will not confirm that it is actually christopher dorner. but we have seen a still photograph that the irvine police department released, taken from that same surveillance camera. we have looked at the still photo, matched it up to that surveillance video, and it is the same video. also, you can see his truck there, the truck that was found burnt in the community of big bear, california. that truck has now been -- is in the custody of the irvine police department. they continue to process it. we'll try to find any evidence they can. other material that the irvine police department has collected is also being processed by the fbi. still no clue, though, by law
4:23 pm
enforcement where dorner is right now, deborah. >> looking at burned-out pictures of the vehicle, we understand an axle on that car broke. so it may not have been that he planned to abandon the car deliberately. but because once the axle broke, it couldn't go anywhere. have police commented on that particular thing? maybe that threw a wrench in his plans somehow. >> reporter: possibly. they have not commented that i'm aware of on that specific piece of evidence. they are investigating this case along several different fronts. you have several different law enforcement agencies. irvine, california. san bernardino sheriff's department. the riverside police department. several law enforcement agencies are investigating. several crimes that happened throughout the early part of last week, through thursday, when those police officers were shot. this is a multi-agency investigation, and they're looking into every possible
4:24 pm
avenue. >> yeah. and this is so serious, because chris dorner is essentially hunting police officers, and he is not afraid to die, in his manifesto, he says "i do not fear death, as i died long ago on january 2nd, 2009," the day he was let go from the los angeles police department. casey wian, thank you so much. of course, we will check back with you for the very latest later on. we will continue to follow the latest developments also of the storm, including the pictures and video you're sending us. we'll take a look at those, just ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with a groundbreaking car. good. then invent an entirely new way to buy one. no. no. no. yes! a website that works like a wedding registry. but for a car. first, you customize it. then let people sponsor the car's parts as gifts. dad sponsors the engine for your birthday. grandma sponsors the rims for graduation. the car gets funded. then you pick up your new dodge dart at the dealership. and all that's left to do is say thanks. easy. ♪
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good afternoon, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in atlanta. here are this hour's top stories. right now, in massachusetts, a driving travel ban is lifted. this is what it looked like just yesterday when officials asked people to stay off the roads when that massive blizzard hit. the worst snow may be over for
4:28 pm
cape cod as blizzard and coastal flood warnings have been lifted. but here's how a reporter from our affiliate described the situation on the coast earlier today. >> this storm surge is quite high. we've been seeing waves out here that are 20 feet, easy. i mean, 15 feet regularly, coming in. and as we pan along the bay here, you can see just how high it's getting. >> maine and new hampshire also got pummeled, and three counties in maine are still under a blizzard warning. the long island expressway and sunrise highway are closed to all nonemergency vehicles. hundreds of cars are stranded on the expressway because of the snow. many of the people in the cars, well, have been rescued. but some are still out there. authorities say they're doing everything they can to get everyone and make sure they are warm. more fury today over the hacking of bush family e-mails posted on a gossip website. the postings include messages
4:29 pm
from both presidents and family communications sent during the elder bush's recent hospital stay. today a spokeswoman for jeb bush called it a, quote, outrageous breach of privacy. let's get back to jason carol live in boston. jason, you are learning more about the tragedy involving that 12-year-old boy. what do you know? >> reporter: well, deb, it's just an incredibly sad story. it happened early this afternoon. and much like a lot of people, a man and his son had headed out to dig out their car. as you can see, in this neighborhood here, we've been seeing it happen all day long. so basically, he had come out, cl

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